[PDF] Hindu Pachang Calendar Download | हिन्दू पंचांग 2021 | Important dates

Hindu Pachang Calendar Download | हिन्दू पंचांग 2021

Hindu Pachang Calendar 2021:- Pachang Hindu calendar 2021 is a calendar that gives details about tithi, astrological, auspicious time, inauspicious time,  sunset and sunrise, war, constellation, yoga, horoscope festival, and holiday. In this article, we are going to discuss all kinds of information related to the Hindu calendar, so stay connected with us.

Hindu Pachang Calendar

Names of Hindu Indian Calendar

Some of the major Hindu Calendar is:-

\Hindu Calendar 2021 –
Vikram Panchang,
Tamil Panchang,
Bengali Panchang,
Malayalam Panchang

Hindu Pachang Calendar 2021 Highlights
About Hindu Pachang Calendar
Year 2021
Hindu Pachang Calendar 2021 PDF Download Hindu Pachang Calendar 2021
Hindu Pachang Calendar 2021 PDF(ii) Download Hindu-Calendar-2021
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Hindi Panchang is a calendar used since ancient times. Many types of calendars were introduced all over the world, which include the English calendar, Islamic calendar, Gregory calendar, etc. Hindu Panchang has 14 dates and two sides – Hindu Panchang Paksha –

  • (1) Shukla Paksha
  • (2) Krishna Paksha
  • Shukla Paksha – There is a full moon in Shukla Paksha. Which starts after Amavasya, in which the moon keeps growing. This site also has 14 dates
  • Krishna Paksha – Amavasya occurs in Krishna Paksha. The Krishna Paksha begins after the full moon. And lasts until the moon. Krishna Paksha also has 14 dates, in this aspect we see the moon in decreasing order.
Shukla Paksha Shukla Paksha Krishna Paksha Krishna Paksha
एकम। (Ekam ) नवमी। (Navami ) एकम(Ekam) नवमी।(Navami )
द्वितीया। (Second)  दशमी।(Dashami)  द्वितीया।(Second)  दशमी।(Dashami)
 तृतीया।(Tritiya)  एकादशी।( Ekadashi)  तृतीया|(Tritiya)  एकादशी।( Ekadashi)
 चतुर्थी।(Chaturthi)  द्वादशी।( Dwadashi)  चतुर्थी।(Chaturthi)  द्वादशी।( Dwadashi)
 पंचमी।(Panchami) त्रयोदशी( Trayodashi)  पंचमी।(Panchami) त्रयोदशी (Trayodashi)
 षष्ठी। चतुर्दशी।(Chaturdashi)  षष्ठी। चतुर्दशी।(Chaturdashi)
 सप्तमी।(Saptami) पूर्णिमा। ( full moon)  सप्तमी।(Saptami ) अमावस्या। ( Amavasya)
 अष्टमी।(Eighth)  अष्टमी।(Eighth)

Names of 12 months of Hindu calendar

Names of 12 Hindi months are:-

S.NO Hindi month names Surname of Hindu month Months name in English
1 चैत्र-Chaitra चैत-Chait अप्रैल-March
2 वैशाख-Vaishak बैसाख-Baisakh मई-April
3 जेष्ठ-Jesth जेठ-Jeth जून-May
4 आषाढ़-Ashad आसाढ़-Ashad जुलाई-June
5 श्रवण-Shravan सावन-Savan अगस्त-July
6 भाद्रपद-Bhadrpad भादो-Bhado सितम्बर-August
7 आश्विन-Ashwin आसिन-Aasin अक्टूबर-September
8 कार्तिक-Kartik कातिक-Katik नवम्बर-October
9 अग्रहण-Agrahan अगहन-Aghan दिसम्बर-Novenber
10 पौष-Paush पूस-Poos जनवरी-December
11 माग॔शीष॔-Maagsheesh माघ-Magh फरवरी-January
12 फाल्गुन-Falgun फागुन-Fagun मार्च-February

If you want to download the Hindu Pachang Calendar then click on the link given below:-


Hindu Calendar January 2021

Hindu Calendar February 2021

Hindu Calendar March 2021

Hindu Calendar April 2021

Hindu Calendar May 2021

Hindu Calendar June 2021

Hindu Calendar July 2021

Hindu Calendar August 2021


Hindu Calendar September 2021

Hindu Calendar October 2021

Hindu Calendar November 2021

Hindu Calendar December 2021

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